1:1 Live Masterclass (One-Time)

1:1 Live Masterclass (One-Time)

1:1 Live Masterclass (One-Time)

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Dr. Monique May, the Physician In The Kitchen, is a board-certified family physician who enjoys helping busy individuals discover, cook, and eat delicious plant-based meals. Her mission is to fix America's health one plate at a time. 

✅ Learn From Dr. Monique, the Physician In The Kitchen

✅ LIVE cooking classes with a board-certified family physician and personal chef

 Curated recipe will be sent 7 days before class so you have time to get fresh local ingredients

✅ Option to personalize recipes for your needs

✅ Get healthy eating tips, recipes and kitchen hacks all live every month

✅ Learn how to make simple healthier substitutions to classic dishes

✅ Cook real-time and get questions answered in REAL-TIME

✅ Learn how to easy (and healthier) it is to make some things from scratch

✅ Get ideas for weekly meal planning and meal prepping tips

✅ Downloadable PDF easy to prepare recipes for future use